J.J. Richards & CQ Compost

As co-owners of CQ Compost in Central Queensland, J.J. Richards have developed a comprehensive organic liquid waste collection capability and a network of aggregation and transfer facilities for delivering this nutrient rich feedstock to the composting facility.

CQ Compost manufactures high quality agricultural compost much sought after by the cotton farmers in the Central Queensland area. The service offered by CQ Compost provides a beneficial resource recovery option for the large quantities of organic liquid waste generated in the region.

Through strategic partnership with CQ Compost and a number of other composting facilities, J.J. Richards is actively promoting sustainable development, whereby organic wastes such as septic waste from work camps associated with the Queensland Resource sector are being successfully recycled and returned to the land for the benefit of agriculture and the community.

For more information, please visit the CQ Compost Website.

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