Waste Processing & Resource Recovery Facility

J.J. Richards in conjunction with WestRex Services offer recycling and disposal services at the Integrated Waste Processing & Resource Recovery Facility at Jackson. The facility is designed to cope with the current and specific needs of the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and related accommodation service industries. The unique facility sets the benchmark in service and quality, whilst providing the shortest possible tanker turnaround times.

This innovative facility is licensed to receive a wide range of regulated wastes including:

  • Drilling Muds (BUA & ERA)
  • Brine
  • Waste Oil
  • Packaged chemical and toxic waste
  • Waste water treatment (treated and untreated effluent)
  • Bulk liquid & chemical waste
  • Grease trap
  • Septic waste
  • Sullage
  • Grey water
  • Oily water
  • Contaminated soils

For more information, please visit the WestRex Website.

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