J.J. Richards & CreatEnergy

CREATENERGYe develops and implements waste and energy solutions for clients across multiple industries. As Australia’s energy market evolves, we work with our clients to understand the financial and operational risks associated with typical power solutions in a rapidly changing energy market and develop financially viable projects. We work at both corporate and site level to develop waste and energy projects. In order to do this, we are committed to engaging with our clients directly and early so that we can assist them in proactive long-term strategic planning through to turnkey project implementation.

CreatEnergy offer:

Oil processing solutions

  • Operational waste oil reprocessing
  • Carbon Kiln diesel displacement
  • Blasting diesel displacement

Waste management project solutions

  • Specialist waste solution development

To learn more about CreatEnergy and the services we can offer you, please visit the CreatEnergy website.

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