Ti-Tree BioEnergy Facility

JJ’s Waste is a joint partner in the Ti Tree BioEnergy facility. Located near Ipswich in South East Queensland, this innovative facility represents the latest in bioreactor technology, converting waste into clean energy. JJ’s Waste’ early adoption of this technology will reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to taking 90,000 cars off the road or planting 60,000 hectares of forest.

The benefits of BioEnergy include:

  • Controlled production in capture of gas generated by waste
  • Rapid degradation of the organic fraction of waste, limiting potential environmental harm
  • Generation of electricity from renewable sources (green energy)
  • Rehabilitation of existing open cut mine sites
  • Efficient, responsible management of waste
  • Potential to generate green power for more than 10,000 households

For more information, please refer to: www.titreebioenergy.com.au.

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