Southern Oil - Oil Recycling Services

J.J. Richards is committed to raising the industry standard providing true used oil recycling services in order to reduce the reliance on burning oil as the only disposal option for used oil. This commitment has lead J.J. Richards to develop a specialised oil collection fleet and facilities. J.J. Richards is proud to be working in partnership with Southern Oil Refineries to provide a true lube to lube recycling solution.

The Southern Oil re-refinery at Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, currently receives over 30 million litres of used oil per annum for refining back into base oil. Together, J.J. Richards and Southern Oil have developed a state of the art 100 million litre per year used oil re-refinery in Gladstone, Queensland, which opened in early 2014. This will be the first true used oil re-refinery in Queensland, designed to cater for the already significant output of used oil from the State and the projected growth in volumes resulting from the burgeoning resource sector in Northern Australia.

J.J. Richards offers oil collection as part of its Total Waste Management Services, including:

  • Oil collection as part of a package service one stop shop
  • Oil collection on a fixed frequency (to manage our clients on site capacity)
  • True oil recycling, not burnt for energy
  • Lockable collections vessels

For more information, please visit the Southern Oil Refineries Website.

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