Southern Oil - Oil Recycling Services

JJ’s Waste is committed to raising the industry standard of used oil disposal and are proud to be working in partnership with Southern Oil Refineries to provide a true lube to lube recycling solution.

Southern Oil Refinery re-refines 30 million litres per year of waste lube oil for reuse as lube oil. The process produces no waste, reduces the need for oil imports and the lube oil product has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than crude base oils. Southern Oil re-refines waste oil from Hunter Valley mines, car and truck service centres and other commercial generators. For more information, please refer to:

To further demonstrate our commitment, JJ’s Waste and Southern Oil partnered to construct a state of the art, 100 million litres per year used oil re-refinery in Gladstone, which was commissioned in June 2014. This is the first true used oil re-refinery in Queensland designed to cater for the significant output of used oil generated by the resource sector, truck fleets, local governments and heavy vehicle operators.

The used oil is refined into a base lube oil by removing all contaminants and additives, which is sold to manufacturers as the main raw ingredient for the production of new lubricating oils.

While the majority of used oil in Australia is burnt as a fuel, JJ’s Waste in association with Northern Oil Refining, can offer Queensland customers a complete “lube to lube” recycling solution. Approximately 98% of the carbon associated with original lube oil is preserved in our process, making this the most environmentally beneficial and economically sustainable use of a non-renewable resource.

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