JJR Engineering

JJ’s Waste has an engineering division, JJR Engineering Pty Ltd, which manufactures customised waste management plants and equipment for JJ’s Waste and its customers.

This research and development division has been responsible for several world firsts in the waste management industry and has a history of reliable, innovative and functional design. JJR Engineering is based on the Gold Coast of Queensland in a multi-million-dollar engineering facility ensuring access to the latest in waste management technology, greater operational efficiencies, exceptional service, and personalised waste solutions.

JJR Engineering designs and manufactures the waste collection vehicles, industrial bins, skips and compaction units used by JJ’s Waste customers.

JJR Engineering constantly strives to provide the most efficient and effective service possible by:

  • Designing more effective waste handling systems/practices
  • Allocating resources for research and development into new technologies and manufacturing innovations.
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