Domestic Waste Collection Services

J.J. Richards performs domestic waste, recycling, sanitary and green waste collection services under contract for 63 local authorities throughout Eastern Australia. This equates to more than 2.5 million wheelie bin collections every week.

Domestic Waste Type Services
  • 80, 120, 140, 240 & 360 litre Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs)
  • 120, 240 litre commingled MGB
  • 240 litre divided MGB
  • 360 litre MGB
Green Waste
  • 120, 240 litre MGB


J.J. Richards also provides the following additional waste and recycling services to local authorities:

  • Park and street bins
  • 15m3, 30m3 and 60m3 roll-on roll-off waste transfer station bins
  • 660L, 1100L, 1.0m3, 1.5m3, 2.0m3, 2.3m3, 3.0m3, 4.0m3, 4.5m3 bulk waste bins
  • Kerbside collection
  • Dead animal collection

Planning and System Design

During the performance of hundreds of past and present domestic contracts, J.J. Richards has acquired considerable expertise in assessing waste management requirements and designing, implementing and operating the best system for each situation.

During the tendering process, J.J. Richards combines over 85 years of systems design and planning experience with an extensive study of all aspects of the customer’s service provision specifications, to ensure the safe and efficient provision of waste collection services.

Plant & Equipment

All vehicles are designed and purpose built by J.J. Richards Engineering. In addition, all vehicles are required to undergo a comprehensive maintenance schedule to ensure a safe, environmentally friendly and well-presented fleet throughout the life of the contract.

Backup Fleet

J.J. Richards can offer the security of an extensive back up fleet and reserve drivers/operators to assist when required.

Education & Training

J.J. Richards is committed to the provision of successful waste management operations to our customers. We also understand that education and training plays a large part in the ongoing success of waste management programs. It is for this reason that J.J. Richards has developed an independent consulting division, EnviroCom Australia, which has the expertise and experience to develop environmental management programs and education packages specific to customer needs and requirements.

EnviroCom Australia has the ability to assist in the development of education strategies. For more information, please visit the EnviroCom Australia Website.

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Domestic Services

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