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Health/Hygiene/Washroom Services

We provide high quality products and services to enable our customers to maintain top levels of health and hygiene in their washrooms.  From sanitary napkin disposal to hand dryers, we offer a full service to ensure your washroom is clean and fresh for you, your employees and customers.

Sanitary & Hygiene Solutions

The flushing of sanitary napkins down toilets can cause blockage of sewer systems resulting in costly over-spills of sewage, creating health hazards for the public, customers and employees along with the business disruption it causes.
The Femcare sanitary disposal service provides an integral solution including the provision of special bins along with regular disposal and cleaning.  Femcare includes a purpose-built disposal bin with a unique lid design to prevent the viewing of unsightly contents.

Replacement at schedule times to suit our customer’s requirements.  The used units are sanitised and relined at our depot for reuse.

Nappy bins are also available for kindergartens and crèches in selected metropolitan areas.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are proven to be a more environmental and cost efficient solution than paper towels, due to the reduction in waste and reduced costs of maintenance.  A range of models are available to suit different budgets and requirements in terms of features and energy efficiency.

Mediclinics Hand Dryers

Cutting edge European drying technology and constant innovation from the world’s largest exporter of hand dryers.  Mediclinics quality according to European standards for noise, energy efficiency and safety with the best warranty in their class.

Washroom Additions

We offer a full range of products to keep your washrooms clean and odour free, at competitive prices.

WC Sanitisers

Automatically dispense a biodegradable blue fluid upon flushing, for greater cleanliness and a reduction in the adhesion of solids.

Urinal Deep Cleans

Releases a small quantity of biodegradable surfactant to clean and sanitise the urinal when flushed, avoiding the encrustation of uric acid, associated problems of odour and hygiene.

Urinal Deodorised Mats

JJ’s Health & Hygiene’s Urinal Deodorised Mats deliver more than 4 weeks of continuous urinal freshness.

Automatic Air Fresheners

JJ’s Health & Hygiene specialises in Air Care and Air Hygiene solutions, offering wall-mounted air fresheners, odor control, and natural Australian Pyrethrum insect spray.

Soap Dispensers

A clean and hygienic solution to ensure that soap is always available while eliminating the risks of infection of diseases such as Hepatitis A that can be caused by tablet soap in communal environments.

Infection Control

Prevention and control audits to ensure the highest standards of pest control.


A complete range of toilet seat wipes and sprays.

Vending Machines

Condom and tampon vending machines and supplies.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve the maintenance of your washroom facilities.

Not all services may be available in all areas. Please contact your local depot to check service availability.

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Health/Hygiene/Washroom Services

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