Mini Roll-On, Roll-Off System

The J.J. Richards Mini Roll-On, Roll-Off (Mini RORO) System was specifically developed for use in large shopping centres, resorts and large manufacturing environments. Our first Mini RORO was installed in 1989 and they are now operating in some of Australia’s largest shopping centres.

The System

The Mini RORO System involves the strategic placement of 4.5 cubic metre satellite waste receptacles throughout the site. These receptacles can be designed for receipt of cardboard, refuse or divided to collect both streams. The flexibility of the system ensures containers can be placed virtually anywhere.

The Mini RORO Vehicle will collect these receptacles regularly and transport them to a centralised waste management area where they are emptied into compactors/larger containers for collection and disposal/recycling off-site.

Each compactor and chute is purpose built to optimise available space and ensure efficient operation, longevity and ease of cleaning. (Trucks, containers, compactors and associated equipment can be painted to your specifications.)

On-site Operation of the System

In addition to complete custom design and manufacture of your Mini RORO System, J.J. Richards can provide all on-site operational requirements including collection and emptying of containers and 24-hour maintenance of vehicles and equipment.


The Mini RORO System offers safe and convenient onsite management of your waste streams, eliminating the need for disruption to operations due to large waste collection vehicles driving to multiple locations on-site.

Not all services may be available in all areas. Please contact your local depot to check service availability.

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