Environmental Commitment

J.J. Richards operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) throughout its operations, encompassing quality, health and safety, risk management, emergency response and environmental management aspects. Our IMS is practically and consistently applied across our operations, to ensure we meet and where possible, exceed our operational and legislative requirements. The system has been developed in compliance with Commonwealth, State and Local Legislation, Australian and International Standards and Industry Codes of Practice and is Quality (ISO9001), Safety (AS4801) and Environmentally (ISO14001) certified.

Our Commitment

J.J. Richards works closely with its clients to implement, where possible, the “avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover” philosophy of the waste management hierarchy to minimise the amount of waste disposed to landfill.

As a recognised leader in the industry for innovation, J.J. Richards has been responsible for developing and introducing several world firsts in “best practice” waste management equipment and process.

These innovations are all targeted towards creating the most efficient processes and equipment with the least environmental impact.

Environmental Certification

J.J. Richards has achieved Environmental Certification of its Integrated Management System.

In addition, as part of J.J. Richards’ environmental commitment, the Company participates in The National Greenhouse Energy Reporting System aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Approvals and Reporting

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