Environmental Education & Audits

To assist our customers we offer services such as the ones listed below:

Environmental Education

Environmental education is one aspect of the company’s operations that has developed over the years, culminating in the development of a separate environmental consultancy division EnviroCom Australia, who specialise in environmental education (Waste, Water, Energy etc.), waste stream analysis and recycling and waste minimisation programs.

Regular Walk-through Audits

Your J.J. Richards Representative will be in regular contact with you for the duration of your agreement to ensure that all your waste management requirements are met. They are aware of all the various waste streams available within their areas, to ensure that during their regular visits to our customers’ sites they are able to continually review and suggest areas for improvement/diversion.

Total Waste Management Audits

The company offers annual walk through audits for the duration of your contract term. These audits will provide you with a summary of existing waste services and will identify any potential improvement opportunities that may exist. This ensures that your waste management service continues to evolve with your ever-changing needs and promotes sustainability of waste management practices.

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