Fees & Charges

As a J.J. Richards customer, you may on occasion incur a fee or charge that reflects the costs associated with providing your waste management service.

From time to time, these fees and charges can change and we encourage you to regularly review the table below or to contact your local representative if you have any questions. Your local representative can assist you to find the most sustainable waste management solution for your needs. Click here to contact your local depot.

*All prices quoted are GST inclusive.

Missed Service Fee
50% of the usual
service fee
Please notify us where access to your bin or service area may be obstructed and ensure you adhere to the terms and conditions in using your equipment. Where we cannot perform the service, unless the service failure was out of your control, this charge will apply.

Postal Charge
You can elect to receive your invoice by post or email. If you elect to receive invoices by post, this fee will apply to each invoice we issue you.

Environmental Management Charge (applies individually to each waste stream, per service)
General Services: $15.84
Medical Waste: $3.10 (electronic)
or $26.33 (paper)
Controlled Waste Services: $69.45
Liquid Service: $16.03
This fee applies where the waste we collect is required to be managed
under relevant environmental legislation.

Excess Weight Charge
Central QLD
$0.32 per kg
$0.35 per kg
$0.47 per kg
$0.22 per kg
VIC (Metro)
$0.31 per kg
VIC (Regional)
$0.34 per kg
$0.26 per kg
$0.20 per kg
This charge may be applied if your waste exceeds the allowable weight.

On-call Charge
Charge for scheduling your on call service, applied when you phone in to schedule a service.

Suspension Charge
This fee may be applied where you do not pay an invoice within the prescribed payment terms.

Dishonoured Payment Fee
This charge may be applied if your selected method of payment is declined.

Equipment Removal Charge
$150.00 per piece of equipment.
Applied where you and JJR agree to change over any item of Equipment and otherwise where JJR removes equipment at expiry or termination of the Agreement.

Date of issue 1st July 2021. Uploaded date: 1st July 2021.

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