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EnviroCom Australia (EnviroCom) specialises in the provision of environmental management, education, communications and training for Government and industry throughout Australia. EnviroCom has offered our specialised consultancy services to the public and private sectors since 1998 and, over this time, has demonstrated our expertise in strategically planned environmental education, behavioural change, training, research and planning projects.

The EnviroCom team work in partnership with customers to assess needs and provide the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for each situation. Through the wealth of projects delivered and the diversity of services and capabilities on offer, EnviroCom customers can enjoy a tailored service through: Education, Training, Research and Planning. Specialist areas include Waste/Resource Recovery, Water Conservation, Catchment Management, Energy Conservation and Natural Resource Management. EnviroCom has the expertise and experience to provide sound consultative advice and to develop and implement environmental initiatives.

EnviroCom’s services include:

  • Environmental training
  • School presentations
  • Curriculum materials
  • Community presentations
  • Information packages
  • Public place displays
  • Brochure design
  • Media liaison
  • Education centre design
  • Bin inspection programs
  • Strategic planning
  • Waste auditing
  • Community surveys
  • Landfill composition analysis
  • Waste management studies
  • Waste management plans
  • Waste management research

For more information, please visit the EnviroCom Website.

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