Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems

Waste Water Treatment System Design, Manufacture & Installation

JJR Water Solutions specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial waste water treatment systems, which allow the water to be recycled, legally discharged to sewer, or used for irrigation. The market area covers any industry where water is used in either wash down or process applications.

Services & Equipment Available:

  • Relocatable wash bays for vehicles and equipment
  • In ground wash bays
  • Waste water treatment systems suitable for recycling, irrigation or sewer discharge
  • Drive over high-pressure wheel and chassis wash to remove soil and noxious weeds
  • Post harvest treatment of fruit and vegetables (Nylate)
  • Irrigation line de-scaling and cleaning (Nylate)
  • Baldwin industrial systems including:
      – Oil and Solids Separators
      – Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units
      – RM-10Cetco emulsion breaking technology

Not all services may be available in all areas. Please contact your local depot to check service availability.

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Waste Water Treatment

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