JJ’s Waste & Recycling

JJ’s Waste & Recycling is a waste management company providing services to customers in Newcastle and its surrounding areas.

With a wealth of experience in waste management, the division has built a business based on understanding our customer’s requirements, reliably providing the most cost-effective solutions to their waste management issues.  Greater environmental consciousness and stricter legislation require the reduction of waste, maximisation of re-use and revaluation of waste materials .

Our team of waste management experts are committed to proposing the best available solutions to our customers, to implement the ‘avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover’ philosophy to minimise their environmental footprint.  We can advise on the incorporation of separation initiatives to reduce expensive landfill, and maximise the benefits of reuse of timber, steel, concrete and oil.  We have partnered with Southern Oil to replace waste oil burning with a true oil recycling solution.

We can provide and install the latest technology in waste storage and compaction, from made to measure RF compactors through to refrigerated compactors for food waste storage.

JJ’s Waste & Recycling have implemented an Integrated Management System to cover all aspects of Waste Management, including quality, health and safety, risk management, emergency response and environmental management.

Our staff are motivated to achieve continual improvement in customer satisfaction.  We provide regular training to achieve the highest levels of quality, environmental protection and safety, to enable them to respond promptly to resolve any issues that may arise.

JJ’s Waste & Recycling are committed to the highest standards of safety in order to protect the public in general, our own employees and those of our customers.

JJ’s Waste & Recycling provide the following services:

  • Industrial Bins
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Skip Bins
  • Cardboard and Paper Collection
  • RF Compaction Units
  • Unipak Compactors
  • Refrigerated Compactors
  • Commercial and Industrial Recycling
  • Commingled Recycling
  • Waste Oil Collection and Recycling
  • Liquid Waste Management

For more information, please visit the JJ’s Waste & Recycling website.

J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd has rebranded to “JJ’s Waste & Recycling”Find out More