Regwaste Waste Transport, Treatment & Disposal Services

Regwaste Australia offers customers expertise in the specialised fields of clinical and related waste management. The division operates from Gladstone to Cairns providing clinical and related waste transport, treatment and disposal services to 1,000+ customers. Regwaste Australia is licensed by the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection. Regwaste has the ability to provide a range of services as outlined below. Waste assessment, management and training can also be provided.

Services offered include:

Collection Services

  • Clinical waste
  • Cytotoxic waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Anatomical waste
  • Sharps
  • Body parts
  • Sanitary waste
  • Security destruction
  • Quarantine waste

Washroom Services

  • Sanitary bin supply and servicing
  • Nappy bin supply and servicing
  • Supply, install and service deodoriser dispenser for use in offices, factories, patients rooms, bathrooms, nursing homes, or anywhere odour or insect control is required
  • Bio-tab urinal treatment
  • Foam hand soap dispenser
  • Toilet seat sanitiser dispenser

Treatment Services

  • Autoclave sterilisation
  • Specialist Waste Handling Equipment and Containers
  • Aluminium wheelie bins
  • Wall safes
  • Easy reacher
  • Pedal post

Waste Tracking

Regwaste operates a comprehensive electronic waste tracking system to enable the customer, regulatory agencies and the company itself to track waste from the place of generation to place of storage, treatment and disposal.

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