Septic Services

J.J. Richards provides residential, commercial and industrial septic waste and pump-out services in Queensland, NSW and offers a more limited service to other localities in Victoria, NT, SA, ACT, WT and Tasmania.

Our position as the one of the most reputable waste disposal services in the country means we are able to offer a broad range of septic waste solutions for urban and rural properties, premises and sites. Refer to our map to locate the office closest to you; our detailed website features an easy location-search function.

Liquid Waste Services

J.J. Richards provides waste disposal services in NSW, Queensland and beyond. Thanks to our large number of vehicles and broad spread of technicians, we can even offer liquid waste collection in Western Australia or hazardous chemical disposal in Alice Springs. Not sure we can help you? Ask us anyway. Our business is constantly expanding.

We have the equipment, disposal facilities and know-how to empty, maintain, clean, transport and replace the following septic systems:

  • Septic tanks
  • Holding tanks
  • Grey water sullage tanks
  • Grease traps
  • Interceptor pits
  • Complete sewerage systems
  • Portable toilets
  • Treatment plants
  • Tank cleaning and servicing

Liquid Waste Collection Services

J.J. Richards offers a broad range of liquid waste collection services in Queensland, New South Wales and limited services at other locations in Victoria, NT, SA, ACT, WT and Tasmania. We operate a fleet of various-sized vacuum tankers which allows us to undertake liquid waste collections, from household domestic to large commercial site pump outs.

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You can schedule a one-off tank clean-out or collection, or arrange for a regular pump-out and disposal service. For both, J.J. Richards guarantees a professional and rapid service together with high-quality inspection and maintenance work. We can also deodorise tanks post pump-out, check carefully for cracks and seepage, and are more than willing to offer our experience and advice when it comes to increasing the lifespan of your existing septic system.

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Maintaining Your Septic System

Some larger, lesser used systems will not need emptying for years. Others will require multiple pump-outs per year. The frequency depends on the capacity of your tank, the type of liquid waste that goes through it, and the age and quality of the system.

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It is possible to lengthen the lifespan of any septic system by sticking to a few guidelines; however, a full inspection beforehand gives you a benchmark from which to compare.

  • Heavy rain can enter your septic system and fill it up. Keep the lid clear of debris and repair any damage or cracks
  • Use enzymes to digest grease and other solid waste that enters the system
  • Never pour harsh chemicals into the tank – these kill off the bacteria responsible for digesting waste and keeping your tank odour-free
  • Inspect the site at least annually, checking for signs of seepage into the surrounding ground
  • Use signage to ask visitors not to throw hygiene items down the toilet and supply biodegradable toilet paper and handtowels

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Commercial septic services Australia wide

J.J. Richards understands the importance of keeping commercial premises free from all types of waste. Our scheduled solutions increase standards of hygiene, lower populations of vermin, and keep store rooms and bin areas free of garbage and its various unpleasant odours.

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To this end, we have designed a range of commercial liquid waste solutions which all of our South Burnett clients can take advantage off. We also provide commercial solid waste disposal systems where solid waste can be either recycled on-site or at affiliate sites to provide stockfeed, biodiesel and fertilizer. We continue to research innovative ways to reduce landfill.

Alternatively, J.J. Richards equipment for washrooms and outdoor events is the perfect solution for any business which either employs multiple staff members or welcomes guests, while our wheelie bin and catering waste solutions make on-premise waste disposal easy. We also provide compactors to keep your business’ waste disposal costs as low as possible.

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